oh no it's the end of the world

by Mike Longo

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released August 9, 2004

trumpet on something wrong? and keep trying by ryan mcaslin. flute on keep trying by julie gallo. drums on what you dont know by glenn garthwaite.



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Mike Longo New York, New York

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Track Name: follow you
Follow you- There must have been some kind of connection, somewhere, for me to be so caught up in moments so far gone. I've heard "dont let the past define you," but with you, its all that i have, and i can not let that slip away. Even though your miles away. Im gonna follow you around forever. Your why I've tried for all these years. Ive spent so many nights just staring at the ceiling, dreaming away. How one day i would finally catch you but you seem to be so far away. Im gonna follow you around forever. Still chasing all the stupid silly dreams. Im gonna follow your around forever. Your why im gonna try for the rest of my years
Track Name: for arguments sake
For arguments sake- Things come out wrong. Words are exchanged. We say goodbye. But it feels too strange. This cant be right. What have I done? Im ready now, ready now, to work it out. If you believe in me, we can be extraordinary. So things get well. For a short span. You get fired up. Like only you can. I lose my mind. Without you here. Im ready now, ready now to work it out. If you believe in me, we can be extraordinary. One day things will be right. We'll be free from spite. We'll live selflessly. Thats all we can be
Track Name: for strangers
For stangers- I cannot recall.... like people or things..... i dont remember...... But i remember you. Your eyes and stabbing smile. Its keeping me up at night. Growing up and out of time used for reflection. I barely can stop and look up at the skyline. Most of my life is spent inside a tunnel. But your image is embedded in the bricks. So where am i gonna go? What the hell am i gonna do? I cant stop thinking about a stranger?! If you think you know me help me escape. If you think it was you help me find the answer to the riddle of my life.
Track Name: something wrong?
Something wrong?- Drunk in the corner. Laying with your secrets. Drunken and hazy. Your really risking it all. "Whats been eating you? You haven't said a word..." Yellow glow. Playing with your eyes. Taking in every corner of your drugged paradise. "whats been eating you? You haven't said a word....."
Track Name: good ideas
Good ideals- Filing on and off of your buses and airplanes. Loud and just unwavering. Ready to attack if a routine is threatened. Ready to kill everything. Were stuck in the dead center. Trying to remember. How did we get here? What am i looking for? Following the sound of a machine thats grinding. Bones and blood and meat and skin. Winding up at sickness and guilt for the treatment. Of those were overpowering. The first ideas were the good ones. Met by tons of consequences. My greedy heart is low. Brush it off by saying "i know, i know...." Its not all bad at all but its not all good at all.
Track Name: what you don't know
What you dont know-I should've seen this coming. But i guess i wanted to believe in myself. But in your present company. I feel my plastic heart begin to melt. This isnt love, its more like selfishness, and i wont make promises.....Our courtship lasts through all the night. Not once did you ever even ask what your lying next to is really like. Its a mystery that didn't have to last. But what you dont know, you werent looking for, because you're just about yourself.... If you dont feel it now, then its gonna catch up to you, you cant love if you dont care
Track Name: oh the emptiness
Track Name: let yourself go
Let yourself go- Fingers slip on shower walls as i try to collect myself. Wasting away with the weight of things that i once felt. Soaking wet facing myself looking at my reflections shape. The turbulence found in my heart has found a way to escape. Its breaking out of me, and it wont let me be, until im gone. Replaced by an empty hopeless form. I beg my reflection to let me go. I plead with my own eyes to let me go. Gnawing at my eardrum is the sound of failure and defeat. Clawing at my heart is the touch of catastrophe. Hanging from my shoulders is the weight of all of my apathy. I squint my eyes and sneer at all of my past fears for being there. So am i stuck like this, always scared? Should i just take what i get and just smile? Should i just take what i get and just smile? Youve got to let yourself go, stop playing in your shadows. Youve gotta let yourself go to wind up where you want to.
Track Name: best foot forward
Best foot forward- You look defeated with empty hands. Trembling anxious, to understand "why wont I just put my best foot forward? And let the violence disappear?" I want to help you.... A childish remark leaves me hopeless. Your head is sagging with the weight of this. "why wont i just put my best foot forward? and let the violence disappear?" I want to help you, save you from all of the things you should never see, and let your bleeding heart believe that we could do this....
Track Name: christy's song
Christy's song- Waiting for my heart to erase the thought that im in second place, i know i wasnt good enough for you. Look at my heart in my hands, you just dont seem to understand, couldnt i just be the one for you/ Just your smile sends me back home with not a thing to call my own. Something about the way you look to me. Something about the way things couldn't stay. Every night i lie in bed try to erase thoughts in my head. This should mean more than anything i know. So i write a song for me not looking for more sympathy, just moving thoughts from my head to a page/ maybe ill lose it and forget all about your smile and then hold on to myself another day. Theres something about the way things couldn't stay. I can't make it one day without you, imagine how a lifetime would kill me. The years are piling up and im still trying my best. In this world, without you. But what you can not see is im falling apart
Track Name: bad perception
Bad perception- I've been taking out some old pictures. I remember how you'd shy away. I never really pushed, that was just that. So im left without photos to reminisce. Was it worth it? Fateful days come out of what seems like nowhere. For most it would hurt less with time. With you, it was a punch in the face. At first i couldnt feel it, at all

But then it swelled.........

your not who I thought you were at all